Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer any yoga teacher trainings?
I don't organize or run my own teacher trainings, however, I'm a guest teacher in several in which I lead the meditation portion. To find out which ones I'm currently involved in, click here.

Are you leading any yoga retreats in the near future?
If you don't see any listed here it means not at the moment :( I've sadly cut back from leading yoga retreats to make room for more meditation teaching and practice.

Do you recommend any particular yoga training?
I strongly recommend Naada Yoga's 500-hour training because it brings together North America's experts and students benefit from the profound expertise of each of these teachers. Please direct all questions and inquiries to 

Do you recommend any particular yoga retreat?
Anything that YuMee Chung offers, as well as JUNA Yoga, will take you on an adventure of the body and spirit in loving and deep ways.


Do you offer any meditaion/mindfulness teacher trainings?
I don't organize or run my own teacher trainings, however, I'm a guest teacher in several in which I lead the meditation portion. By no means does what I teach in yoga teacher trainings to be considered a meditation certification. To find out which trainings I'm currently involved in, click here.

Do you recommend a particular meditation/mindfulness training?
Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, two world-renowned teachers, offer an online mindfulness training. Other than that, there is no other existing training that I endorse at the moment.

Are you leading any meditation retreats in the near future?
At the moment, I currently co-teach meditation retreats for teenagers through Inward Bound Mindfulness Education. They usually take place in the summer. 

Do you recommend any particular meditation retreat?
I strongly suggest all the retreats organized by True North Insight, Spirit Rock, and Insight Meditation Society.

I'm about to go on my first silent meditation retreat! What do you suggest for a first timer?
The short list - go with an open mind. Although nothing you can do really ever prepares you for a silent retreat, this participant resource page created by True North Insight may help put things in perspective.

How did you become a meditation teacher/get into a meditation teacher training and how can I do the same?
I embarked on the meditation teaching path thanks to my teachers and mentors. I was dedicated to my practice without putting much thought into becoming a teacher. After years of practice, my teachers offered to mentor me and would nominate me for teaching positions and trainings. I would not be on this path if it wasn't for their gentle encouragement and support.I receive many inquiries from meditation enthusiasts who wish to become certified. My suggestion is to find a teacher with whom you can practice regularly and dedicate yourself fully to practice. I was a meditation practitioner for 12 years before teaching, and for many years I would teach for free or on a donation basis.


What are the ways I can practice with you?
When I'm in Montreal, I teach weekly at Naada Yoga in the Mile End. You can see my weekly teaching schedule here. I also teach workshops, trainings, and special events. You can view my events schedule here. We can also practice online together, particularly meditation. You can discover those ways here.

Are you taking on students for private instruction?
Because I have a full teaching and travel schedule, I use any downtime to turn inwards and continue deepening my own practice and study. As a result, other than meditation practice mentoring, I don't teach students in a private/one-to-one capacity.

Do you work with students one-on-one as a mentor?
I do, and there are two ways in which I do. The first is through meditation practice mentoring. You can find out all about here.

I also take on "mentees" from the Naada Yoga Teacher Training. Students enrolled in the 200, 300, and 500-hour Naada training get assigned a mentor for the duration of their training. At any given time, I'm mentoring about ten students who are training to become yoga teachers. I'm a mentor and guest teacher in the Naada training and not responsible for any of its administration. Please direct all questions and inquiries to