Teacher Profile: Bhaskar Goswami

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I’ve known Bhaskar, and consequently his family, for over four years. I once overheard a conversation he had with his then 3-year-old son. It went something like – Jai: “Daddy, what’s more scary – lightening or fire?” After some thought Bhaskar replied: “I don’t know Jai, because if you really pay attention, both are actually beautiful.” That conversation at once opened my heart widely (and wildly), and showed me just the kind of person he is. Husband, father of two, and creator of BODHI Principle, he is a fearless, happy-go-lucky, insightful and inspiring human being. He lives his practice like no other I  know and it is palpable.

What does a typical practice entail? 
The formal practice is an hour every morning of meditation, pranayama and asanas; together with taking two classes per week. The informal practice is finding ‘mindfulness islands’ in the day and spending time in inspiring environments (including people, places, books and videos).

Who are your major influences?
‘I am’ is my major influence. This whole predicament the ‘I’ finds itself in is so fascinating! What do ‘I’, ‘my’, ‘me’ and ‘mine’ refer to? That’s a great question. Inspirations are everywhere, scientific theories, tiniest of bugs, greatest of mountains, animals, plants, children, profound teachings… the ‘is-ness’ of what is called life.
What are you practicing for? 
It started off as alleviating back pain. The practice turned out to be a gift that just keeps on giving in every way (literally!), and it has taken on a momentum of its own. A conscious and specific ‘for’ has disappeared, and this is surprising. To quote Mooji, ”What you are looking for, is where you are looking from.”