Daily Intention Meditation

Posted in Lessons from the Mat, Meditation + Philosophy

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This is a great reflection you can do every morning so that each day you can live the life you want, not just on January 1st.


Whether you're seated or lying down, place your hands on your torso to connect with your body

Ask yourself this simple question - “What quality do I most want to engage today?”
By quality, something you can cultivate throughout your day - patience, generosity, kindness
Focus on something you know you want to see more of

You may already be patient, kind, generous, and so this practice is about manifesting it more regularly
When you know what quality you'd like to cultivate, set that intention - “Today I am going to be ....”

Think through what you have to do today
Are you going to be attending a lot of meetings, holed up somewhere doing a lot of work, spending time with family and friends?
How would this quality that you want to cultivate today manifest in those relationships?

Identify what might be the most challenging part of your day and just acknowledge that
Loosely visualize how would you react to that person who always talks for so long in meetings
Turn your mind to the intention to cultivate patience/generosity/kindness in that moment, when you meet that person, when you sit down and have that meeting

Think through your day – your morning, what you will do for lunch, who you will spend time with, and then at the end of the day what you want to do
Map out how you want to live, if only for today
How will you live in line with your intention, in line with the quality you really want to manifest


It may be helpful to offer your intention out loud
Sometimes verbalizing these things, making the aspiration out loud is actually very impactful
You can write it down if you prefer
Write your intention in a journal or on a notepad
Put it out somewhere you can see it regularly
Set a reminder on your phone that would come up and would say patience generosity kindness whatever it may be