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Fondatrice, Fondation Yoga Mala (French) or with English subtitles here

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Voted Best Yoga Instructor in the Province of Quebec

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How to find balance with 5 easy yoga poses and a green smoothie

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Voted #6 in Best of Montreal Yoga Instructors

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Séance de Yoga inspirante par Dawn Mauricio au Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal

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Yoga at the Museum

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Yoga to Benefit Every Aspect of One's Life

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Le Disneyland de l’Asie, en plus faux. Quatre Québécois racontent

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Living with a smartphone – and no cellular plan

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Plein Air Summer in the Laurentians

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Se ressourcer à proximité

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Emberly and Mauricio Turned Their Love of Yoga into a Career and a Good Cause

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Guided Meditation with Dawn Mauricio

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Foundation of Community: How the Yoga Mala Foundation Created a New Model

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Yoga Mala, une initiative communautaire montréalaise : Entrevue avec Dawn Mauricio

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Interview with a Teacher: Dawn Mauricio