Restabilizing an Unstable Spine

Posted in Lessons from the Mat

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In my previous post, I talk about my desire to strengthen my core as a way to bring stability to my back. The instability in my lumbar spine was caused by a handful of years of consistent spine cracking for relief. In addition to vowing to not crack my spine anymore, I started integrating Yoga Tune Up® exercises such as Salabhasana, Cobra at the Wall and Revolved Abdominal Pose to strengthen, in particular, the small yet mighty spinal muscles, the multifidi.

My favorite poses to restabilize a spine addicted to crack(ing) are Revolved Abdominal Pose and Sidewinder because they simultaneously strengthen the entire core (abdominal and low back area). When I first integrated these pose, I felt quite weak, yet it was easily adaptable to suit my level. See how to do both in the video below!