Awaken Presence

Guided Meditation Program

Meditation is a potent practice that, when practiced sincerely and consistently, can reap long-lasting rewards. Despite its simple techniques, cultivating a regular, daily practice can be challenging.

As a result, I've designed Awaken Presence to help you establish a regular meditation practice - on your own time - and awaken qualities that are already inside of you such as patience, acceptance, kindness, compassion, and presence. 

This digital program includes:

  • over 5 ½ hours of professionally recorded and edited guided meditations
  • 21 guided meditations ranging from 5 to 30 minutes in length
  • two versions of each meditation: one with silence as the backdrop and the other with gentle background music
  • 10-page PDF booklet that includes detailed meditation poses and practice calendars 
  • 2 short bonus meditations designed to remind you to return to the present moment wherever you are – at work, waiting in line, or under a pile of laundry
  • access to a private online group where you can ask practice questions, take part in live events, and participate in discussions around mindfulness and meditation


About the Musician

Andrew Bathory creates electro-acoustic soundscapes that evoke a state of wonder, timelessness, and deep listening. His compositions are often improvised, vocally rooted, and supported by the use of electronic enhancements, and has been called “transportive”, “reverent” and “otherworldly”. 

About the Music

The original score for these meditations was made during Andrew's first winter living in Montreal. At a time of deep introspection and major decision-making, he created this sonic support for self-inquiry. Coincidentally, that first winter was also the beginning of a fruitful and nourishing friendship with Dawn.



What People Are Saying 

"Like a fine thread weaving through a rich tapestry, Awaken Presence takes novice and experienced meditators on a journey towards the inner self." - Bernadette B.

"Dawn's guided meditation sessions have enabled my practice to reach beyond the limits of my home and I am frequently using the program on-the-go, while waiting for the bus, airplane, in the metro; locations where I had never thought of meditating before having Dawn's program." - Anne BH.

"Dawn's expertise in teaching meditation really shines through in her recordings. With an option to follow any of the practices with beautiful music in the background, you couldn't ask for a better meditation program - beginners and seasoned practitioners alike." - Mitch K.

"This program was really helpful to build a home practice but still feel part of a community! Practicing virtually with one teacher, Dawn, made me feel a sense of comfort and I could deepen my practice! The music offers great support for starting to slowly incorporate silence during the sits. Finally, I found this program very inclusive - Dawn has this remarkable gift to make meditation available to anyone at any time." - Sandrine CS.

"This meditation program helps me calm down when I'm feeling nervous, anxious or upset, it helps me refocus when my mind isn't clear or when I'm too distracted by insignificant things. This program has helped me incorporate meditating into my daily routine since it's so easy and accessible." - Karina H., Psychologist in the Department of Youth Protection



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